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Hail Satan.
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Wolf King likes DAT ASS!

Wolf King is an atheist and a Satanist. He is also a rational skeptic and analyzes superstitious claims and likes debunking pseudoscience. He also talks about the political zeitgeist, usually but not limiting the Separation of Church and State.  

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Wolf King likes to give commentary on social issues, entertainment, religion and philosophy. He specializes in giving stats, using satirical points and wit to get his point across in discussion. It seems to fairly effective in his rhetoric.  

Debates Edit

Wolf King has engaged in a number of debates on G+. He's debated G Man, Christian Anarchist, Darwins Deity, and many more. The most popular and well-known of these is his discussion with Matt Slick on Secularism in the US. Matt apparently got offended Wolf King's mildly-Satanic avatar and abruptly rage-quit the discussion.