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Vekl's Statement of faith: "I am unashamedly a firm believer of the Lord Jesus. That He died, rose from the grave, and is sitting at the right hand of the Father, and is God (not the Father) Himself, and that His nature and finished work is the ONLY means by which any one can be saved from the just wrath of the Father."

Vekl is of the persuasion that whatever TrueEmpiricism or G Man say must be correct no matter what because they are brothers in Christ.

Super Powers Edit

- Superb Ball Washing

- Ability to literally bend over backwards to be able to justify a stupid thing TrueEmpiricism or G Man might have said.

- The use of the word "arbitrary" to completely dismiss any atheists' reasoned position for morality.

Fun Facts Edit

Vekl made an appearance in "Fist me in the Gash" by Sye Ten Atheist.


Can spend 10 minutes complaining about atheists, while calling them "whiners".

Has complained that Fiona Robertson hasn't spread the gospel, but admits that he doesn't watch any of her videos.

Vekl on Slavery Edit

On multiple occasions, Vekl (along with his butt-buddy G Man) defended Biblical passages regarding God's laws for the keeping of slaves, and referred to himself as a "slave for Christ." When called out by Alex Carson for the hypocrisy of defending slavery as a black man in America, Vekl did NOT take kindly to it, and insinuated that everyone who backed Carson at the time were being racists. The resulting drama shitstorm became known as "House Nigga Gate" after the epithet Carson applied to him. See Max Trivium's excellent video for a brief summary of what went down:

50 shades of vekl

50 shades of vekl

Notable quotes: Edit

"You can't be an atheist if God does not exist." - Vekl on I'm Out - 7/31/2108