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Tommy Hall (previously known as "supersport") is a landscaper, and long time member of the Google+/YouTube community. He is infamous for his complete inadequacy at reading studies and articles, as well as his questionable sexuality.
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Tommy hard at work falsifying Evolutionary theory.

To "do a Tommy Hall" is to make an argument and provide a reference in support of the argument, completely oblivious of the fact that the article refutes your argument.

Tommy Hall is best known for both wildly erroneous cancer claims and unrepentant ignorance of biological science. Tommy has stated on multiple occasions that he believes "...tumors absorb toxins in the body..." and that "...eating healthy will stop you from getting cancer.." Both these claims fly in the face of the vast majority of oncologists on the planet yet Tommy adheres to a strange form of "layman expertise". He's said (in A chat with Dr. Tommy Hall on drag's channel) that he also believes "...scientists use big words to keep people out of science..." to which Dragnauct and the rest of the audience was aghast.   

Tommy has an interesting habit asking for evidence in the form of scientific papers, not reading them, demanding that you show him where said evidence is in the paper, then admitting that he does not have the required knowledge in order to interpret it. Even when it is explained to him verbatim he still does not possess the capabilities to parse much of the jargon used. As mentioned before, he believes it is some kind of conspiracy by scientists rather than an aspect of linguistics. 

Mr. Hall has a deep love for right-wing politics and conservative rhetoric, going as far as to suggest Bootstrap Theory to others, then quizzically rejecting the notion that he should take time to educate himself on the topics he speaks on. Others have mentioned how this flies in the face of how he runs his business, presumably employing illegal immigrants as labors for his business. Tommy does claim to work alongside them but his time on live hangouts seem to contradict this claim.

Tommy has some downright bizarre ideas regarding evolution and natural selection, and has employed some odd arguments not on the list of those typically employed by creationist/ID apologists. For example, Tommy once read an article about a species of plant that could induce a type of mutation in its own genes, so therefore Tommy decided that ALL organisms were able to do this and therefore Darwin's theory of natural selection could be thrown out with the bathwater.

The "Tommy Hall Effect" Edit

Tommy has a fallacy named after him which has been coined the "Tommy Hall Effect" (no similarity to the actual Hall Effect). The "Tommy Hall Effect" is when someone asserts something is true from a peer-reviewed paper or scientific source, but upon future review of said source, it is determined that the source actually contradicts and indicates the exact opposite of what the person was asserting to be true. We suspect this effect came into being by the fact that Tommy has never read more than an abstract of a peer reviewed paper. As with Nephilimfree, he only reads the title of the paper before claiming it supports his argument.

Super Powers Edit

- Is lol-cow a super power?

Sexuality Edit

Tommy is probably best known for his constant references to homosexuality. The conversations he'd be involved in would have neither direct nor indirect reference to sexual preference but Tommy would, like clockwork, find a way to speak explicitly about another man's anus. This lead many to question Tommy's sexuality as the vast majority of heterosexual men do not segue conversations towards such topics. Tommy has adamantly affirmed that he is indeed straight and that his comments are well in line with the topic. However, its safe to assume that Tommy is about as straight as G-Man's hairline.

Challenge To Ozy

Challenge To Ozy

"Oh Ozy.

Don't you dare run away from me.

Get yourself over here.

Don't be a tree-swinging primate.

Everyone is watching you now.

I love you."


Tommy's Closet

In September of 2015, Max Hangsout noticed that Tommy was subscribed to two flamboyantly gay YouTubers. Tommy dodged this by accusing Max of being a "fake Christian" and said that his daughters used his account to subscribe to those channels. That is as convincing as it sounds.

- Death peddler (Merchant)