Award ceremony to be held near year end of 2017 to give out various awards for special categories. The penultimate award ceremony second only to Reds Rhetoric's Dumbfuck of the Year Award.

This is a QUICK and DIRTY List of Categories and Potential Winners for Each One. Edit

The furthest someone has been able to stick their head up "Ronnie's" ass: 

Antonio Fletcher

The person who received the biggest handing of their own ass to them in a debate or engagement:


The most amount of mutes and boots in single live hangout:

Darth Dawkins

The most amount of citations of papers from a single person that actually refuted that persons claim:

(This one is always given by default given to +tommy hall for the infamous Tommy Hall Effect: I.E. when Tommy Hall attempts to cite a paper, that he never actually has read himself, which always ends up refuting the very thing Tommy Hall is claiming):

Nephi / Tommy Hall

The most likely to be the parent of an illegitimate love child with"Ronnie". (Gender is non-applicable... as we are all for equality here):

G Man or Antonio Fletcher

The most likely TO BE the illegitimate love child of "Ronnie" and that other parent:

Brojo or Zulu

The person with the shittiest rap caught on video this year:

G Man, Antonio Fletcher

Most likely to get something right... for once (The broken clock award):

Betty Van Velsen

Worse misuse of words:

G Man for use of God/ gods

Vekl for Intrinsic, subjective, and arbitrary 

Ronnie for dissolve, degrade, and disintegrate

Darwins Deity for Criterion and Mechanism

Tommy Hall for consciousness, mechanism, and random

Most improved critical thinker:

G Man for changing his positions on vaccines

Most likely to change a theist to atheist:

Darwins Deity

Jesus saves (Carlos)


Uses SDA arguments who also thinks SDA is a cult (Ellen G. White award):

Matt Slick or Kevin G

Award for thinking viruses are created by homosexual activity (Ted Haggard award):

Jesus saves (Carlos)

The in one ear out the other award:

G Man

ATP Mayonnaise Award (The person who speaks the most amount of gibberish):

Quantum Eraser, Jungle Jargon and TrueEmpiricism

The most lip smacking and fake laughter award:

Trey Jadlow

For most Gish Galloping (Get along little doggies award):


LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for being unable to figure out how hangouts work:


Who is the biggest object credit giver:

Jungle Jargon

Most likely to die a virgin:

Antonio Fletcher or G Man.

(But wasn't he married once according to his answered prayer argument?) 

The Pancake Award:

Eve Reele

The Bottom of the Barrel Award:

Arcane Logos

Best POE award:


Serendipity award:

Jeranism award (Troll living under a bridge)

Greatest use of plagiarism:

C Brown

The Bionic Dance argument (most self-refuting):

Betty or Outbound

Most likely to mishandle wildlife:

NephlimFree or G Man

The "The HT Wix" award for not being figure out what "first person" means:

The HT Wix

The EGGxperimetation award:


The H20 NO award:

Shawn for not understanding basic water chemistry

Psychological Projection Edit

Awarded for Attributing own Shortcomings to Others (Projection) Edit

Whine and Cheese Edit

Awarded for whining, bitching, and moaning. Basically, being Ronnie.

ATP Mayonaise Edit

Awarded for erroneous understanding and description of a natural, biological or chemical mechanisms attributed to God.

Talking Shit Edit

Awarded by viewers of JD Kain's TST show for talking shit.

Dunning-Krueger Edit

Awarded for not realizing how one lacks knowledge and education on a particular topic while claiming being a PhD on the topic.

Young Flat Earth Creationism Edit

Awarded for not only being a flat Earther but also a young earth creationist... top of the derp meter.

Butthurtitis Edit

Dishonesty Edit

Awarded for doubling down and being overall dishonest.

Fucked-up Logic Edit

Condescending Prick Edit

Nominated for a 2017 Ronnie in being a condescending prick:

Ball Washing Edit

Awarded for being a ball washer and supporting a friend even when presented with evidence.

Lifetime Achievement Award Edit

Awarded for continuous and long term idiocy in multiple categories.