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The NonSequitur Show is a podcast on Itunes hosted by Kyle Curtis and Steve McRae and their YouTube channel where they host a vast variety of topical discussions and debates live on air.

Episode 1: Genesis Edit

Kent Hovind and Dr. Herman Mays debate common ancestry and evolutionary modeling.

Episode 2: Punchline: A Sit Down with Stand-Up. Edit

Episode 3: Visionary: Sight on Demand Edit

Episode 4: Unholy: Organized Nonreligion Edit

Episode 5: Thinking: A Devout Doubt - Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist Podcast Edit

Episode 6: Candid: Nothing But The Truth Edit

Episode 7: Renegade: Philosophy's Man in Black Edit

Episode 8: Discussion: Aron Ra meets Kent Hovind to discuss the evidence for evolution over creation. Edit

Episode 9: Questioning: A Tale of Concrete Revival with Street Epistemologist Anthony Magnabosco Edit

Episode 10: Rocketman: The Mad Mike Hughes Interview on Flat Earth & NASA Conspiracy Edit

Episode 11: Existence: Dr. Richard Carrier and Dr. Kenny Rhodes on the Evidence for Jesus Edit

Episode 12: Irreverent: A spirited discussion about the spiritual with Rev. Stephanie Clarke Edit

Episode 13: Is Religion A Positive Influence? A Debate Between Matt Dillahunty & Inspiring Philosophy Edit

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