Disclaimer: This is actually how/what The HT Wix thinks, and is in his own words.

Basic Description Edit

The Ht is (one of) the only member of the Great Debate Community that was asked to write their own page! The Ht is then, in the position of informing the reader that the Ht is a genius.

The Ht is the fabulous prophet of the Ht's Diety that the HT has PROVEN exists and thus dear reader the Ht has settled this great debate in the Ht's favor.

The Ht has destroyed the atheist who scoffs at the Ht's Diety and shown that the Diety is full of goodness, and balanced whole grains, that's right, there is no Euthyphro for the Ht's Diety! Dilemma? Lemma tell ya the Ht has solved it!

The Ht will never reveal what the Ht's name stands for, no not even to moderator. The Ht will tell you that peppers do not smell but irritate the Ht's nose.

Problems solved by the Ht include:

The problem of evil The problem of free will Why there is something rather than nothing The nature of thought The case for objective morality

And the Ht has solved many hundreds More!

The Ht will now ask moderator if the Ht might define the Ht for the class, first by what the Ht is Not, then by what the Ht is:

"incorrect definition (which somehow everyone in this room mistakenly believes to be the correct definition): The HT - frigen idiot, moron, obnoxious retarded bag of poop, king of trolls"

"The Correct definition (supported by all major philosophical encyclopidei) The Ht - noble, sound of mind and strength, courageous in battle, humble among the masses, of exemplary wisdom and character."

                                                             The HT