Basic Description Edit

Talking Shit Tuesday (also known as TST) is JD Kain's weekly dog-and-pony show, usually held every Tuesday evening at 7pm US Eastern (4pm Pacific). TST started around early 2014, and has continued to the present with episodes airing almost every week since. Generally the show will center around some recent drama, typically whatever stupidity came out of the Clown Car Posse or another of the community's "lol-cows" in the past week. Gossip and shit-talking are encouraged as per the name, and despite JD's capable moderation, the show does sometimes go completely off the rails.

TST is frequently held up by the evangelical do-gooders in the community (such as the aforementioned CCP) as an example of bullying and/or atheist "depravity"; proving once again that they lack anything resembling a sense of humor. G Man in particular has something of a love/ hate relationship with the show, which he insists on referring to as "Talking Stuff Tuesday" (showing once again that the appearance of being moral is more important than actually being moral to the likes of G Tard and his "elk").

All episodes of TST can be found on JD Kain's channel. [To my knowledge no playlist exists, but I intend to make one soon --Kevin]