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Found the following unanswered talk from the Sandbox page

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Giant list

Add to Tommy's page:Edit

Add to Tommy's page: Blood doesn't come into contact with bonesaga. Jade's channel

bird's farting claimEdit

Max Hangouts out has the link to the bird's farting claim. TE was there and cosigned on this as well.

Sorry if this caused any confusionEdit

Sorry if this caused any confusion I am Deepreason I am a sock account (one of the 1st people to have a hangout with Steve.) I already had an account set up on Wiki under this ID and do not have a page here. Steve can e-mail me if he has any concen as to who I am ( Thanks (read Velks statement of faith again) it was copied from his page and is as confusing as he is. Deepreason

IP blockEdit

Had to do an IP block for someone editing G Man's page. Be vigilant. Steve McRae (talk)

Dr. Alex Malpass's needs satireEdit

Dr. Alex Malpass's needs satire added, Helena Handbasket may be able to add some Steve McRae (talk)

Proposed addition to RJ;sEdit

Proposed addition to RJ;s Page A little known but deniable fact is that RJ has been haunted by {The Random Guy from the Restaurant} as seen in his profile pic. This individual has an unknown identity in general but can always be found listening in the background for RJ. to slip up on {Evolution}. Re Word as see fit

Moved most of the GDC MembersEdit

Moved most of the GDC Members to GDC Member Any NEW additions and page creation (ones that are no linked yet) please add category:GDC Member. Steve Steve McRae (talk)

On SnipingEdit

On Sniping: "Though things didn't end up being quite as bad as people first thought, sniping continues to be a problem from time to time." Not sure if this is true. It is as bad as I think, but we have just learned how to take better precautions now. Steve McRae (talk)

On BK's pageEdit

On BK's page are we gonig to have Drunken Peasants Podcas linking to their YouTube, or we going to have a page for them under GDC Extended? Leave for now until we ge their page up? Steve McRae (talk)

I think we are going to keep this formatEdit

I think we are going to keep this format: - Gman's Epic are not prepared for this! (Youtube Steve McRae) where after YouTube (all these should be capatlized "T") where the persons name links to their YT rather than the GDC member link. Steve McRae (talk)

flat EarthersEdit

I am thinking we should put in a category for flat all agree? Steve McRae (talk)


Not sure if the category:Presuppositionalism works as if we are keep members in groups they belong to, it should be a group of Presuppositionalism while Presuppositionalism apologetics being in the lexicon what you think? Steve McRae (talk)

members of the CCP who are ALSO members of the GDC?Edit

What do we do with members of the CCP who are ALSO members of the GDC? Just list them as members of BOTH? I suppose so. Steve McRae (talk)

Notable GDC MembersEdit

Should the "Notable GDC Members" page please redirect to somewhere else? It doesn't seem useful in any way... or is that just me? Hillel

MrID evolution """"debate""""Edit

Alright, this MrID evolution """"debate"""" thing is REALLY starting to get on my nerves. Any suggestions, anyone? I'm lost as to what to do.

If I were you, House Escalus, don't attempt to debate MrID in any topic in science, like what Nesslig had done, if you cannot sure that you will surely win. My science is aimed to change the world and scientific world upside down and I am aiming for a Nobel Prize, that is how I am sure and confident of my science. Thus, leave my science and my post alone, as it is, if you are not sure if you will surely win. - from MrIntelligentDesign

Pending archival or deletionEdit


MR.INTELLIGENT'S page is GLORIOUS! Just simply GLORIOUS! Steve McRae (talk)Steve

Remember, to SIGN your name, use CLASSIC editor under SOURCE and type in three tildes "~" and it will appear like this when you publish: "Steve McRae (talk)"