Basic Description Edit

Steve McRae is the owner and founder of the Great Debate Community Google+ community page and is overall a pretty cool guy.

He hosts many open hangouts with newcomers, laypersons, experts, dissenters, and other members of the Great Debate Community to "discuss topics dealing with theology, philosophy, biology, cosmology, and many other subjects" especially pertaining to science and Young-Earth Creationism.

According to Pew Review, Steve McRae is gay because he wanted to suck Pew's dick after making a photoshopped image with a wave holding a shotgun.

"Steve McGay" by Pew Review on (6/5/17):

Steve McGay

Steve McGay

Furthermore, Steve "Love(s) gay men."

Also, Steve doesn't like the song "You Spin me Round (Like a Record)" by "Dead Or Alive". All presumed reasons as to why so far are pure speculation.

Steve was a Navy Nuke. He got into his job so much that he constantly jerked off when he was at work. As a consequence, Steve's penis glows in the dark. Here is video of Steve and another Navy Nuke (who also jerked off a lot) when they discovered they were dating the same girl. 

Atheism and Belief Edit

Steve is an Agnostic Mormon, which means he doesn't believe there is a God(s) but he doesn't claim he can disprove the existence of God(s). Furthermore, he makes the positive claim that knowledge of God(s) has not yet been achieved, and might never be achieved.

During May of 2017, a topic stuck on the GDC google+ page for quite a while; a debate which many quickly considered quite tiring. The topic was the definition of Atheism, and whether or not it is the positive BELIEF that there is no God(s) or the LACK of belief in a God or gods. Rumor has it, after a long introspection, Steve decided to take the exact opposite position on the definition of Atheism as Bionic Dance and promised he too would body paint himself naked as a pretty pony for next halloween. [citation needed]

In the end, Steve took the "positive belief" side, and this argument stuck on the community for the entirety of May 2017. Legend has it that some are still bitching about it, even to this day.

Fun Facts Edit

Spent his YouTube infancy sitting on a car seat in his living room (Until one of his worshipers felt bad and bought him a proper chair for his butt-cheeks.)

Steve is not "a goyim".

While hosting a Google Hangout, Steve "[is] more powerful than your f*cking deity."

Is afraid of ladders. Deathly.

Steve vs Ronnie Edit

Steve McRae vs

Steve McRae vs. TE - What Best Accounts for the Systems in Nature- Evolution or Intelligent Design?

Steve McRae loses a debate to Rocket Ronnie... well at least according to Ronnie.

On the 3rd of April 2017, Steve McRae debated TrueEmpiricism or "Ronnie" on Creationism vs Evolution.

To put it bluntly, it was an ass-kicking of weapons-grade proportions.

On that debate, Steve had shown to the world the powerful way of using the Theory of Evolution (ToE) as one model for the diversity of living organisms on planet Earth. Steve also had prepared slides and presentations with great simplicity and superb usage of present scientific evidences against the less prepared Ronnie (TE). - from MrIntelligentDesign