Basic Description Edit

Steve McQuack is a major part of GDC lore and is known for being an amazing and hilarious troll on Steve McRae's videos however he was recently banned from Steve McRae's live feed for repeated violations of a rule prohibiting all-caps posts.

(EDIT: In June 2017, Steve McQuack's ban was lifted by Steve McRae, however he has not been seen nor heard from for quite a while. Rumor has it that his life came to a fowl end by winding up as a Peking duck dish for a family of Chinese immigrants in Compton Ca... I am sure he was quite succulent and delicious.)

Justice is Served Edit

After Steve had repeatedly told McQuack to stop breaking his caps lock keyboard button, he ordered a banning on him as punishment that was eventually carried out by Pew Review and Tyler Durden.

A McQuackwork Orange

A McQuackwork Orange

An artist's impression of totally and exactly what happened.

Aftermath Edit

On a private hangout between Callzter and Pew Review in the early hours of the 23rd of June 2017, Pew told Callzter that there have been rumors circulating that Steve McQuack is actually an alt-account of Joe Sonseed. Pew is quoted to have saying: "Don't quote me on this, but McQuack might've been Joe Sonseed."

Of course, Callzter ignored Pew's advice and posted it on the wiki anyway because he's an asshole. (CITATION NOT NEEDED).