Basic Description Edit

Skylar Fiction is a lusciously neckbearded ex-deist who is subjective and arbitrary in all things, including and especially his subjective athiest evilutionist secularist morality. He has repeatedly shown himself to be sufficiently audacious that he fails to grasp the simple concept that owning other human beings as property, and treating them with rigour, is a perfectly moral act in the eyes of the all-loving creator of the universe.

Despite whatever athiest evilutionist lies he may have spread as he doubles down and backpedals and moves the goalposts, Skylar Fiction is not only pro-choice, but actively supports abortion in all of its forms, and by whatever means necessary. He has repeatedly said that he is ethically pro-life, but just look at that hat. Isn't that the most dishonest thing you've ever seen in your goddamned life? How can you possibly trust someone who wears a hat like that? His choice of fashion is not only dishonest, it is completely arbitrary, and is therefore refuted.