Basic Description Edit

Rising superstar from Canada who literally will talk to just about anyone. Shannon is able to mentally translate inane ramblings of the CCP, in real time, to something almost resembling cogent thought. She is much more formidable a debater than she appears, even though she doesn't actually debate...which makes what she does quite impressive and worth listening to.

"Let's Talk About You!" w/Shannon Q" Edit

"Let's Talk About You!" - W/Shannon Q: G Man Edition YouTube

"Let's Talk About You!" W/Shannon Q #2: Nephilimfree edition. YouTube

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Let's Talk About You!" - W/Shannon Q: #3: Ran Campbell edition. YouTube

Superpowers Edit

Unflappable (unFLAPpable people...sheesh!)

Does not get bored to tears

Can drink more than Styzor in a single day. (rumored)

"Idiot Whisperer"

Ability to translate Gibberish to English on the fly