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SciStrike is a talking Pug who hosts a YouTube channel where he debunks Pseudoscience of all kinds, be it Flat Earth, Young Earth, alternate medicine, and other kinds of online woo.

Science Strike Force: Movie Night Live Edit

Previously referred to as "Movie Night-PseudoScience Debunking 3000", Movie Night Live is a special, livestream event held every Friday where Sci and a bunch of other chaps find videos promoting pseudoscience on YouTube and grind them down so slowly and painfully it would make even Monica Lewinsky cringe beyond belief.

A notable Movie Night Live video is the one held on New Years Eve at the end of 2016 where they broke apart the rambling YouTube videos of Flat Earth Asshole. The video received over 170 dislikes while only getting 33 likes as of the time of writing and unfortunately only gave yet even more publicity for Flat Earth Asshole.

Although never getting around to it, SciStrike was planning to send a thank you note to FEA after the videos upload saying:

"Thanks for the views, fucktard."

A Pug at the Theaters Edit

On multiple occasions, SciStrike has gone to public theaters to watch Creationist films. He claims that he does this to spare others from doing so, but many suspect that he has actually converted to Young Earth Creationism, watches the films for his own enjoyment, and then acts as a mole/ shill on his own channel to further promote the movies. He, of course, denies this, claiming that he only goes to see these pseudoscience movies because he has been tricked into it by Hillel Finder, a claim which Hillel can neither confirm, nor deny.

"Is Genesis History?" Edit

On 2/23/17, SciStrike, Paulogia, and Hillel Finder willingly, and conscious of their actions and the consequences of them, chose to see a Young Earth creationist documentary called "Is Genesis History?" hosted by a Mr. Del Tackett. The science, history, arguments, and evidence presented was so sub-par, that they decided to make a collection of video responses [1], each tackling a different series of claims from the film. They also brought in others to do the voices for the movie characters to make the format more digestible to the viewers.

"Genesis: Paradise Lost" Edit

Having lost all faith in humanity, Sci decided to visit the theaters to watch a film produced by Eric Hovind, convinced beforehand that, it couldn't possibly one of the worst Creationist movies ever made, machine-gunning more "proofs" of a Young Universe than possible for the human brain to physically comprehend in such a infuriating and incessant manner that even Kent Hovind would look at it and say: "hey, you may want to tone-down the frequency and assortment of your topics, super-old citations, and word-salad". But, Sci was wrong; it was exactly that.

[More info pending]

References Edit

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