Basic Description Edit

Sam (aka Scientist Sam), is a Bioinformatics PhD student and member of the GDC who acts as a font of knowledge for its denizens, much to the chagrin of the CCP. Sam has had numerous exchanges with CCP members, usually correcting some non-controversial aspect of biology that they've managed to misunderstand. Sam's qualifications have come into question on numerous occasions in the past by Rocket Ronnie and recently from G Man. His master's thesis is publicly available (link to thesis, please), though those who question its legitimacy ironically enough can barely read it in the first place. (Whether this is due to lack of understanding on the topic, lack of patience, or lack of outright reading comprehension is still unknown.)

Sam prepping his delicate, aqueous lab equipment.

Notable Interactions Edit

Sam has had many notable exchanges with CCP Science Educator "Rocket Ronnie" (aka TrueEmpiricism). Ronnie has made it a point to turn his ire towards Sam as AronRa can't ever seem to remember who Ronnie even is even though they have spoken on numerous occasions. Sam has consistently pointed out the obvious lack of knowledge Ronnie has in the area of biology, but Ronnie insists that he is just biased and fears the truth. Throughout their interactions, Ronnie has managed to identify several personality defects that Sam possesses, primarily his general level of arrogance. The irony couldn't be greater as Sam has acknowledged this to some degree while Ronnie rejects this claim when it is leveled against himself.

ATPase-Gate Edit

Ronnie at one point makes a deal with Scientist Sam in order to keep the civility wherein both parties would not make videos slandering one another. Another stipulation was that they wouldn't defer to past mistakes and attempt to use them as leverage in conversations. This "truce" barely lasted 48 hours as Ronnie promptly brought up a supposed "correction" he made towards Sam years ago. The correction is question was made due to a mistake on Ronnie's part by him misidentifying a particular protein only to have Sam respond to it erroneously. After it was pointed out the Ronnie had mistaken one ATP synthase for another, Sam acknowledged he was mistaken and thanked Ronnie for clarification and proceeded to respond to the now corrected narrative Ronnie was putting forth. This tale is remembered retold as Sam having no idea what ATP synthase was and True having to educate him on it. (link to video)

Special Note: As of (6/25/2017) Ronnie still has absolutely no clue that the 16 kDa Proteolipid is just another name for the C-ring in vacuolar H(+)-ATPases, which is NOT found in the F-ATPases (which is only called a C-ring, but is not a 16 kDa Proteolipid). The molecule that Sam believed Ronnie was talking about was the F-ATPase, and the molecule that Ronnie "thought" he was talking about was the F-ATPase, but he wasn' Ronnie simply doesn't understand that there are different types of ATPases and he confused the subunits of one for another. Ronnie is still under the impression that he some how "corrected" Sam when the reason there was confusion in the first place was Ronnie was unclear about which molecule he was talking about.

Artist's Rendition of Sam After Receiving his PhD