Basic Description Edit

Delusional, mentally unstable Aussie redneck and wannabe cult leader Robert Beasley considers himself the most well-adjusted and enlightened person on Earth, when in reality he's pretty much the textbook definition of everything representing the polar opposite of those terms.

Rob hasn't been around for a while, but there were two instances in late 2015 and late 2016 when Rob effectively had week-long psychotic episodes, during which he would obsessively hop from hangout to hangout (creating his own when he couldn't find one), attempt to preach his delusional bullshit, repeatedly ask for mods (even in hangouts where the control panel was disabled), and when he didn't get them, proceed to talk over and mute everyone until being kicked or until everyone else left in disgust. He also began to "snipe" hangouts during the 2016 episode, after that exploit became available.

Rob is also a massive sleazeball, and would repeatedly ask any women in whatever hangout he was in to "show me tits" (which he claims no woman would ever be able to resist doing when he asks). On one occasion he coerced an underage male into one of his private hangouts, and proceeded to ask him extremely personal questions about sex and masturbation.

His psychotic episode in 2015 came to a hilarious end when, during one of his hangouts, two doctors came to his door and placed him under involuntary psychiatric hold at the request of one of his children. (He went with them voluntarily, so it wasn't as funny as it could have been.) The entire episode was recorded (with personally identifying information removed) by 13Heathens and a few others, who were attempting to mess with him when the incident happened.

Google+er trolollin created two amusing rap parody songs, in honor of Beasley's constant requests for tits:



Beasley Ego Waffles