Basic Description Edit

Joshua Shelley, aka "Richard Raspberry" hasn't really been active since 2014, but when he was active, he was by far one of the dumbest and most obnoxious members of the Clown Car Posse at the time. He also believes that Dr. Fiona Robertson and Steve McRae are part of some vast Illuminati conspiracy headed by none other than Satan himself... and it has been noted that neither of them have officially ever denied these allegations.

His position in the Youtube/G+ Great Debate Community was effectively destroyed in a live hangout, when he made accusations about people stalking him in a video, but then removed the evidence and claimed that he hadn't called them "stalkers", or suggested they were pedophiles.

The "stalking" claim started when he deliberately and maliciously edited his online profiles to remove his real name, which was widely known at the time, and then claimed that people were stalking him by googling his real name and the county in which he lived.

As a part of the video claiming "stalking" behavior, he accused one person of being "Caught with his pants down" (a British euphemism for discovering someone doing something that they want to keep secret, usually something sexual), and in another he claimed they has "a strange fascination with young boys".

Normally, if people have evidence for a lie, they don't have it to hand, and by the time it is recovered and a link placed under the hangout, few people see it because they've forgotten about it by then.

Unforfortunately, for Raspberry, Cliffjumper24 had saved this video, and happened to be in the same hangout at the time Raspberry's lies were told, and in an unusual and dramatic LIVE exposure (in which Raspberry's voice almost went boy soprano), his lies were exposed for everyone to see.

Since then he faded into obscurity and eventually deleted his channel.

"Wasp On The Moon" Edit

Shelley is the author of a "book" entitled "Wasp on the Moon: Evolution Dis-proven" which purportedly outlines the evidence that he thinks disproves the theory of Evilution and proves that his God created everything. The book is no longer available on Amazon, but our investigators have managed to reconstruct around 37 pages of the original manuscript from preview fragments on Amazon, which are maintained here for anyone to view or add to. Linguistic scholars are still trying to decipher the meaning of these pages, because Shelley's book is a bigger affront to the English language than anything L Ron Hubbard wrote in his most drug-addled state.