Basic Description

Reds Rhetoric, also known as Redline, also known as "that ugly fuck from Florida," also known as "literally the son of Satan" according to Jeranism, is a popular YouTuber with over 13,000 subscribers and is infamous in the eyes of the flat Earth community for his debunking of their horseshit.

He is further described as "A fucking moron [who is] spineless, cowardly and rude" by a flat Earther called alastair inglis (whoever the fuck that is) in the comments section of the "Reds Rhetoric VS Jeranism" informal debate YouTube video.

Of course, this is bullshit. Reds Rhetoric is a reasonably intelligent guy when it comes to Mathematics and owns some fucking awesome cameras and also has a... colorful vocabulary. He is also, of course, the most hideous individual to ever besmirch the surface of the (flat) Earth. He is so ugly, in fact, that he is legally obligated to wear a flame-retardant brown paper bag over his face while in public spaces. However, if someone wishes to see him without his mandatory mug mask, they must first read and sign a 23.4 page consent waiver stating that they will not, under penalty of law, attempt to photograph, remember, or in any way document his face, as this would violate article 666.69 of the Geneva conventions.

Red and Jeranism

Red has an OCD-driven obsession with the flat Earther YouTuber called Jeranism (usually referred to by Red as "Jism"), and has made so many videos towards Jeran it will make your head explode.

This has permanently caused Jeranism to go into a hissy-fit whenever he sees the colour red, and also has forced him to always mention Red whenever he sends a challenge out to the "globe Earthers".

The "DumbFuck of the Year" Award

Every January, Red and a panel of self-proclaimed know-it-alls congregate together into a circle-jerk cluster-fuck of a google hangout to announce the biggest fucking idiot of the past 12 months, be it flat Earthers, Young-Earth Creationists, or perpetrators of general pseudoscience. The 10 candidates of the DumbFuck of the Year (or "DFotY") award for each year are individuals whom:

1: Have demonstrated stupendous and unwavering idiocy, despite, and in spite of any evidence that would contradict whatever "science" they find indisputably true.

2: Are not (obviously) the victim of a mental disorder.

3: Have had at least one one-on-one conversation with Red in a live google hangout. (As of 2017, this rule has changed so that, instead of having to talk to Redline, instead, it is only required "that you speak to at least one of the 10 people [on a panel nominated by Red] who will be nominating people for the award...")

4: Are not already a recipient of this coveted award.

5: Pew must go fuck himself.

Anyone who wishes to can, and are encouraged to vote, including sock accounts.

"May the greatest Dumbfuck win!" -Redline; the Real Dumbfuck

Rocket Launches

Because of his AWESOME photography equipment (the almighty Nikon P900 super-zoom camera/truth detector) and the fact that he lives in Florida, Red usually drives to Cape Canaveral (shotgun) and films the rocket launches and LANDINGS there, like the Falcon 9 rockets that launch and land there.

Because of this, Red is unsurprisingly under a lot of fire from butthurt flat Earther fucktards who after seeing his third-party footage of the Falcon 9 landing, say either that he's a paid shill and it's all CGI that was given to Red to fool the Sheeple and globe fanboys, or that SpaceX and NASA have some crazy holographic and/or flare technology that Red has witnessed and recorded.

Because flat Earthers cry whenever they see his third-party footage, Red proudly parades this footage around as proof that space is real and that space travel is possible, and even though it's appropriate to use on the flat Earthers, it can get kind-of annoying.


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