"Well, well, well..."

Basic Description Edit

Those unfamiliar with Mr. Campbell should first be made aware that he is actually two different people.

Randy "Ran" Campbell by his own admission is a former con artist, pimp, and convicted criminal of Canadian origin. As with most people in this community, he enjoys messing with members of the Clown Car Posse and exploiting their incredible stupidity for the lulz. However, he goes about it in a different way than most.

The second "Ran" is a Poe, a character played by Ran Campbell for the purposes of trolling. This character is a fundamentalist, young-Earth creationist Christian, who claims that the Bible PROOVES that the Earth is flat, and that God himself has appointed Ran to judge all of the "reprobates" on the internet. Even though most people who have been around for a while know full well that Ran is full of shit, the CCP and the Flat Earthers are still convinced that he's one of them, and refuse to be told otherwise.

Ran Campbell runs a Google+ group called FlatOUTELECTED, which is a cesspool of delusional Flat Earthers, creationists, conspiracy theorists, Pizzagaters, and anyone else who can't distinguish reality from fantasy (along with those trolling these people). Ran probably created this group to provide himself with fapping material for those late-night trolling sessions.

If you're familiar with the term "Large Ham", Ran is basically the textbook definition of this trope, as he is loud, bombastic, extremely over-the-top, and is quite capable of making almost anyone rage if he wants to.

Special Disclaimer: While many of us in the GDC do recognize and perhaps even in some ways admire the god-like level of trolling Ran does, we still must include him in the Assorted Morons category as we find that one has to be pretty moronic to get one's kicks out of being a POE of any kind.

Ran Campbell's Fantastical Claims Edit

Ran claims that he'll "saw the world in half".