Basic Description Edit

Rachel Oates is a posh British atheist whose first encounter with the GDC involved trying to extrapolate some type of coherent argument from CCP member Antonio Fletcher. This lead to a brutal ongoing feud between the two {Citation required}, which to this day Rachel adamantly denies... stating about the situation that she "wouldn't call it a feud", but it did lead to a couple of videos by Antonio, after which she, like the rest of us, tried to forget all about Antonio Fletcher.

Rachel and G Man Edit

Rachel, is a (quite) noticeable white woman, and it has been noted on many occasions by Dragnauct that "G Man has an almost morbid fascination and obsession with white women." (See G Man's wiki page  for further details). This meant it was only a matter of time before G Man had to follow in Antonio's footsteps and make some type of response video to one of Rachel's videos; to which she responded back, thus consummating a "relationship" between them in G Man's strange way of thinking how YouTube flirting works. Ok, more precisely she became a target for his bat-shit dumbfuckery. (It should be noted that G Man was the original Dumb Fuck of the Year and we are certain he would win it every year if not for some stupid rule Reds Rhetoric imposed that you could only win once... curse you Reds!)

-Atheists just flatout don't want to believe!!!!!" Response (Youtube Rachel Oates)

Rachel and the Great Debate Community Edit

Rachel first appeared in a GDC hangout on Aug 30th, 2017 on Steve McRae's channel. No hedgehogs were harmed during the hangout.

-Rachel Oates joins the Great Debate Community to talk about atheist activism.(YouTube Steve McRae)

This was immediately followed by G Man being quite butt-hurt, having to have his own special hangout to "call Rachel out" as now she is some type archetype of atheism that G Man has to expose (please don't try to visualize that as written). G Man claims that Rachel isn't an actual atheist and that she is clearly a theist just suppressing the truth in her unrighteousness. Rachel has yet to respond to this, but since Rachel, being British, is too polite to tell G Man to "fuck off" she may have to use the GDC services of surrogate fucker Heretic Woman. (See Heretic Woman's wiki page for details).

-Rachel Oats video response: Steve Mcdummy lies again..... (Youtube G Man)

(Please note that all of the GDC is still waiting patiently for G Man to point out where Steve has lied for the first time, or any time he has lied in one of his videos... ever. According to legend, it will happen just following Jesus' second comming; meaning roughly 20-30 years from "insert present year".)