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What happens when you take Monty-Python and seven college-level textbooks, put it in a blender, and then allow it to be succussed for three years in a barrel made from the pages of novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne? The Result is RJ; an unreserved writer-researcher who is the archetype of breathtaking genius (and you can tell because he's really smart and doesn't stop for breath).

RJ has forgotten more about the claims of anti-evolutionists than any of the rest of the GDC knows.

RJ is as close to omniscience that any known human has ever achieved, usually taking every opportunity to share all of his knowledge... all at once. He could be thought of as the anti-sisyphus: RJ is a tremendous boulder who only wants expose all his pent-up information, and everyone else is desperately trying to somewhat restrain his wisdom. However, eventually his resolve cannot be contained and he roles down the hill; and, through no fault of his own, takes all of us with him (not that we're complaining, of course).

He is insistent on introducing the word "Tortucan" to the English language, meaning "one who refuses to think about things that they don't think about". Unfortunately, this word has not quite caught on yet and most people upon hearing this neologism thinks he is either disjointly referring to a tropical bird or that he suffers from Tourettes.

RJ is more aggressive at fund raising than Ken Ham, though much less effective.

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SciStrike's weekly "Science Strike Force: Movie Night Live" (2/17/17- Today)

...and weekly "RJ's Evolution Hour" (5/31/17- Today)

RJ's Evolution Hour - Episode 1

RJ's Evolution Hour - Episode 1

Paulogia's weekly "(Ken) Ham & AiG News" (6/16/17)

Things RJ does not Know (Because This List is Shorter than the Alternative) Edit

  • Where flies go in the rain

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Tortucan the Toucan