Basic Description Edit

Greetings everyone! I am posting (and adding to) my list of questions that I want to see actual answers to from Young-Earth Creationists and anti-evolutionists.

The QuestionsEdit

  • 1. Do you actually believe your own (B)ogus (S)tuff?
  • 2. C'mon, now! 'Fess up! Is your Creationism schtick just a giant "Poe"
  • 3. Is the age of the Earth that science has discovered valid?
  • 4. If the age of the Earth is false according to what has science found--why?
  • 5. Did God make the Earth look old. If so why?
  • 6. Did Satan make the Earth look old?
  • 7. There are many creation myths. Why is yours valid over all the others?
  • 8. Why is your holy book more valid than the others when they all say they are the right way?
  • 9. Do you know what "theory" means?
  • 10. Why are some science theories valid and not others?
  • 11. What do you think about DNA from Neanderthal and Denosovian being found in our DNA?
  • 12. Recently there has been a third type of DNA found in saliva of people originating in Africa. What do you think this is?
  • 13. Does the speed of light change?
  • 14. What is the speed of light in vacuum? Can it change?
  • 15. Why do you accept that a lion is a cat, but a human is not an ape?
  • 16. How do you explain writings from civilizations that are older than you say the Earth is?
  • 17. How do you explain why some books of the Bible are accepted, but not others? What about books that reference others that are not in the Bible? How did that happen?
  • 18. Which version of the Bible is correct? Why is that version of the Bible correct?
  • 19. If you follow the KJV, why is it more correct than the languages it was actually written in?
  • 20. Which sect of Christianity is correct? Why?

I will add more as I think of them. Feel free to contact me on google plus at: Christina BlackFeather (same channel on YouTube) or on facebook at: "Christine Rietsch"

I do plan on using responses in future videos. (Just putting that out there).


MrID's Answers Edit

  1. ANSWER: Yes, if the new ID is being used...
  2. ANSWER: Why?
  3. ANSWER: No.
  4. ANSWER: Religious. They are more religious than me.
  5. ANSWER: Because He can.
  6. ANSWER: No, because he cannot.
  7. ANSWER: Because of "intelligence"..
  8. ANSWER: Because of "intelligence"..
  9. ANSWER: Yes. How about you?
  10. ANSWER: Because of religious people like you.
  11. ANSWER: Interrelated.
  12. ANSWER: Interrelated, not evolved!
  13. ANSWER: Probably, but no...
  14. ANSWER: Google it. It cannot change.
  15. ANSWER: Because of "intelligence"..
  16. ANSWER: Wrong dating.
  17. ANSWER: One question at time, can you?
  18. ANSWER: King James Version, KJV.
  19. ANSWER: Because KJV is inspired and used the TR.
  20. ANSWER: Baptist. They can trace their line to the first, original group (Ekklesia) that Jesus Christ had formed 33 AD. - from MrIntelligentDesign