"Porn Bombing" is the act of screen-sharing explicit sexual content in someone else's live hangout (or alternatively, exposing one's own genitalia on camera). The host of the live hangout will then be forced to immediately end their stream and pull the video offline, or risk their video being flagged and receiving a community guidelines strike on their channel. (The porn bomber may or may not have intentions of flagging the video themselves, but the video MUST be removed by the host, regardless.)

Porn bombing is without exception an inherently malicious act, and those who engage in it can expect to find themselves named, shamed, and ostracized from the community at large. If a content flag against a porn bombed hangout is effectively lodged, then even if the video is taken down, the resulting strike can render a channel unable to stream or host live hangouts for a period of six months (or, if they already have two or more active strikes against their channel, cause it to be shut down completely).

Due to Google's orwellian practice of punitive policy enforcement and the success rate of appealing strikes being near zero, the combination of porn bombing, false flagging, and hangout sniping have provided the dregs of the internet an effective means for completely crippling any channel they desire, assuming they can gain access to a hangout being streamed on that channel. The process is as follows:

  1. Gain access to a live hangout
  2. Snipe the host, and everyone in the hangout before anyone else can snipe you (the hangout will remain live for several minutes after the host is removed)
  3. Screen share a pornographic video for as long as the stream is still live
  4. Immediately flag the video for containing sexual content

Anyone who engages in these actions better hope that no one in the community finds out who they are or where they live, and those who regularly run live hangouts should be aware of the risk this tactic presents. Effective ways of mitigating this risk include not giving out the hangout join link (at least, not putting it in the video description or live chat), and using the Cameraman app to hide participants' camera feeds from being shown on the stream. Fortunately, this nuke-from-orbit tactic of destroying channels hasn't (yet) caught on, but it is known to have been used within the GDC at least once.

One of the most infamous incidents of porn bombing in the community was when a piece of human filth named Justin (one of the infamous Paltalk Power Rangers) attacked one of Matt Slick's hangouts with a pornographic video of his daughter, Rachel.