Basic Description Edit

Gary "Phoneybeetlemaniacxs" Hall is a moderate, pro-science, left-leaning Protestant Christian of the Quaker (or "Society of Friends") denomination, and a resident of Manchester in the UK. The first thing anyone encountering Gary will notice is that he has a rather pronounced and peculiar speech impediment, which, combined with his heavy Mancunian accent, results in him being nigh incomprehensible at times, especially to those unfamiliar with his voice. Unfortunately, these issues map almost exactly onto his typing as well (in other words, he types almost exactly how he talks, assuming he doesn't take the time to proofread it). The results of this can range from minor spelling and grammar mistakes to full on verbal cascade failure lasting way longer than necessary. He also has a tendency to speak faster and be less careful to correct mistakes as he gets more agitated, particularly when arguing with someone over the internet. These facts, paired with Gary's legendary stubbornness, mean that trying to have a debate with him over text (which those who were members of a certain private Skype group along with Gary learned the hard way over several years) can quickly result in the urge to thrust one's fist through their computer screen.

However, it should be noted that despite these verbal and behavioral quirks, Gary is actually a very nice person who (sometimes to a fault) always tries to see the best in people, and the shit that gets dished out in his direction by friends (including the wiki editor who began this article) is either in good fun or an effort to help him improve.

Ways to Troll/Annoy Phoneybeetlemaniacxs Edit

  • Tell him that "Presupp is dead."
  • Tell him that you like Pink Floyd
  • Tell him you like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, or Sam Harris (or agree with anything they have to say)
  • Tell him that LDS/Mormons are actually Christians
  • Refer to Jesus as "Jeebus"
  • Reference "Zombie Jesus" in any way, especially around Easter
  • Refer to the Christian god as "Magic Sky Daddy"
  • Mention the "Helper Seal" or the "Translation Walrus"
  • Be G Man