Basic Description Edit

Arguably the greatest shitposter who has ever lived, Pew Review is a light-hearted, intelligent, and wonderful artist who is, in general, a very cool dude to be around.

Also, he should watch out because G Man will be making a response video.

Fhoon Phax Edit

Pew has a PhD in gay hats.

A "florida man."

The "Steve Soundboard" Saga Edit

After Steve McRae expressed an interest in "...suck(ing) (Pew's) dick...", Pew decided in would be in everyone's best interest if he would make a soundboard of some of our favorite tidbits of knowledge and insight provided to us by our dear friend Steve. At the time of writing, this is still a work in progress, but rest assured, when it's finished, its soundbites will be as well remembered as the lyrics in your most favorite song or the captions in your least favorite meme.

Avatar Iterations Edit

It's a pity Pew doesn't believe in reincarnation, because if he did, he would quickly realize that he's obviously in the possession of Pablo Picasso's spirit returned to this Earth.

(to be continued... with art. ALL OF IT!!) >:D

The Great Voltaire Prophecy Edit

On the 30th of May 1778, François-Marie Arouet, more commonly known as Voltaire, passed away. However, on his deathbed, instead of repenting his sins, he used his last threads of life left to speak a prophecy; a prophecy of a man born over 200 years after his time that would be a shitposter of God-like proportions the likes of which the world has never seen. This man would be born and brought up in a far away and magical fantasy realm known as “Florida”: A place where there were old people for miles and miles around; where the rocket launches were plentiful and the flat Earthers' tears never ran dry; a paradise on Earth.

Voltaire continued, saying that this man would go-on to acquire The Great Gay Hat of Darkness which was said to be able to withstand tremendous forces of nature such as supernovas, black hole spaghettification, sarcasm, legally-obtained narcotics, G Man, and of course: dank memes.

This legendary hero would carve his marking on the face of the flat Ear- uh, I mean "planet" and become the most powerful being in the entire Universe.... or so the prophecy says.  ;)

Sniping of Trolls Edit

Pew is a master sniper and has a record 22 troll snipes in one of Steve McRae's hangouts. [citation needed]

The ‘King Steve’ Incident Edit

This is written as impartially as possible for the editor at the moment. Please do not delete because of personal gripes or a desire for censorship from the larger Community. This Wiki and this Community are a democracy, and it was an old human newspaper that once said: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Also, it took me, like, four hours to write and then re-write this and would appreciate it not be deleted offhandedly. Thanks, and remember to always be excellent to each other. Edit


On April 4, 2018, a date which will live in infamy, Pew Review noticed that he was still a member of the Great Debate Community; a well respected member at that, a member with a lot of influence, power, and access that a weaker shitposter could only dream of. Life was good. It was said that Pew looked out across his vast career, very proud (and perhaps a little ashamed) of all the things he’d done and all the time he’d spent to get where he was. Then, Pew thought to himself: “This is nice and all, but what if it looked a little more like the Hindenburg?”

Pew then proceeded to maliciously and mercilessly attack Steve McRae and GDC Community as a whole by up-voting Mormon, Spirit Science, and Assorted Moron videos under the name of the Official Great Debate Community YouTube channel, which were then posted, en masse, on Steve McRae’s Twitter account.

Though his access was quickly revoked, and though Pew was quickly blocked by Steve in all conceivable ways on all conceivable platforms, Pew decided he wasn’t done with his massacre and took to Steve McRae’s GDC Wiki page to vandalize it beyond recognition. His target was the info-box on the side of the page, in which he had the audacity to call Steve, among other things, “totally not gay,” a “knockoff Gandalf,” to change his profile picture to…. something from Steve’s (presumably) college days, which Pew scavenged from the depths of Steve’s public Facebook page, and to redub him “King Steve.”

Because of these actions, Steve barred Pew from the Great Debate Community, saying that he was “…NOT allowed under any circumstances to be allowed in the GDC hangout or discord.” The next day, both parties went on to make statements and/or videos denouncing the actions of the other.

Steve, after reverting all of Pew’s changes to his Wiki page, announced that Pew was now banned from the GDC Community and harshly rebuked him and his actions. He later went on to remove Pew’s position in the GDC as a Bureaucrat via popular vote from the GDC Google+ page and then to make a video further explaining and defending his opinions and actions on the matter at hand.

Pew, on the other hand, made a video explaining “[His] side of the story” in which he claims that the whole ordeal was a minor April Fools joke whose actions and damages had been blown out of proportion by Steve, which admittedly, had the unforeseen consequence of accidentally spamming Steve’s Twitter feed, though he was not sorry for any of the supposed “vandalizing” he had inflicted on the GDC Wiki.

As of the time of writing, these events and their corresponding drama are still very much real and affecting the Community, and will likely continue to do so into the unforeseeable future. As with the Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Crust, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the (fake) Moon landings, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, or this Community’s debate over the definition of atheism, there are some events that will forever be ingrained in the collective consciousness of the World. This, the swift and tragic downfall of Pew Review from the GDC, is certainly the newest, and perhaps the most profound, of these ever-enduring memories in Human history.

This is Hillel Finder, reporting live from GoFuckYourselfistan.