"Where a former Christian takes a look at the claims of Christians."

Basic Description Edit


Ham & AiG News Edit


Twice a week, Ken Ham and his Answers in Genesis cronies host a "news" program that attempts to put a young-earth or fundamentalist morality spin on current events topics.

With Ham & AiG news, Paulogia reacts to their reactions with logic, emotion and humor... to point out the inaccuracies, dishonesty and greed. And to have a little fun after an addictive theme song.

Paulogia sometimes has a co-host. Guests have included GDC members RJ Downard and Dr. PZ Myers.

Creation Today Claims Edit

Paulogia's "Creation Today Claims" series attempts to address the scientific (and sometimes theological) claims made by the ministry... when they choose to stray from presuppositional defenses.

Creation Today Ministries is the umbrella for the efforts of Eric Hovind. It has produced such content as DVD seminars, 5 seasons of the Creation Today TV show, a 6-years-in-progress Genesis 3D movie, and impromptu live web videos and seminars.