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Basic Description Edit

Paulogia's channel is dedicated to undoing the damage done to his children from the days when he was a Young-Earth Creationist. This in many ways makes his channel one of the purists in the GDC as he doesn't make his wonderful videos for us or for money, but does so out of the love and concern for the education of his children. Now, how cool is that, right?

Recently, Paulogia and SciStrike finished working on a joint venture, collaborating together to dissect and explain the countless scientific errors and issues with "Is Genesis History?" (*); a Young-Earth Creationist documentary hosted by a Mr. Del Tackett.

(*) True Fact: When a headline or title poses a question such as "Is Genesis History?"", the answer is always "no".

Fun facts Edit

Paulogia used to work for Lucasfilm and was the Director for Lucas Online... and was the head web guy for, much like the much smaller and much much more insignificant Steve McRae is here on the GDC wiki (though we love him anyway).
Is Genesis History, Science? Part 11 - With great Tower comes no responsibility

Is Genesis History, Science? Part 11 - With great Tower comes no responsibility

"Ham & Eggs" Edit

Paulogia has a regular series of videos called "Ham & AiG News" or "(Ken) Ham & AiGs" where he reacts to Ken Ham reacting to things. Occasionally, Paul has a guest on the show who helps by providing special insight into a relevant topic and gets their two-cents in.

PZ Myers joined him to once to give narrative and detail to his experience of visiting Ken's Ark Encounter.

Ken Ham vs PZ Myers Ark Wars (feat

Ken Ham vs PZ Myers Ark Wars (feat. PZ Myers) - Ham & AiG News