Basic Description Edit

The New Covenant Group (NCG) is an organization run by linguist Dr. Michael W. Jones (an expert on Biblical languages and former fundamentalist Christian pastor) and his wife Rhonda out of Pensacola, Florida. The NCG originally started as a small local church headed by Dr. Jones, but as he moved away from traditional Christian beliefs, the NCG became more of a open platform for discussion between people of different viewpoints, as well several shows hosted by various people via the internet. Major themes of NCG content include fostering intelligent discussion between atheists and theists, criticism of fundamentalism and ideological dogma, and alternative interpretations of traditional Christian teachings. The NCG's flagship show is called "The Place," and streams live every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.

From 2013-2015, NCG ran a regular weekly hangout-based discussion show called "The Cult of Honesty" in which many current GDC members have participated. During this period, many NCG hosts spent a good deal of time contributing to the intellectual evisceration of Presuppositional Apologetics, with a number of prominent presuppers (including Sye Ten Bruggencate and Eric Hovind) appearing on NCG shows, who ended up being made to look like complete fools (in the nicest way possible of course).

People Currently or Previously Affiliated with the NCG Edit

  • Dr. Michael Jones
  • Rhonda Jones
  • Bob Greaves (The Unconventional Pastor)
  • Greg Brahe
  • Joey Livingston
  • Christopher Hitchslap
  • Darryl Furlow
  • Christopher Maute
  • Dr. John Shook

Well-Known Guests of NCG Shows Edit

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