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Basic Description Edit

NephilimFree is a prolific Young-Earth Creationist apologist who has been around since the early days of the YouTube atheist community. He once debated the likes of AronRa, potholer54, King Crocoduck, and AndromedasWake, who quickly realized Nephi had nothing of value to offer. He moved on to attending hangouts with many members of the GDC now cataloged on this wiki, but has now faded into virtual irrelevancy once again.

His idea of "education" is spending two years watching every creationist video he can find on the internet, and then claiming his "education" is superior to people who have actually gone to college grade school.

He claims that all you need to understand a Scientific paper is to read the abstract. Unfortunately, he is reading impaired.

Neph's rampant love for ethanol can be seen in most of his videos. Unfortunately he still hasn't read the wikipedia abstract on the long term effects of XXX moonshine on neurons which in individuals like him can lead to a 50% reduction in mass of his Corpus Callosum and an uncontrollable love for rapist glasses.

Rumor has it that Nephi plays World of Warcraft on the Moon Guard server with Brett Keane where they spend most of their time cybering each other in the Golshire Inn with Furries ERP... Dragnauct has yet to confirm this.

Nephi's Encyclopedia Dramatica page is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in the lulzy history of his internet career.

The "Escorts" Incident Edit

Very mean people have noticed that Nephi had a bookmark for Las Vegas escorts on his toolbar during a hangout where he was showing his screen. This is simply because Nephi is a patron of the arts and was doing "research" for his next video. The "research" was so secret that Nephi edited the evidence to remove the bookmark and re-uploaded a cleaned version of the video. He was worried some people would borrow his "research" idea.

Video evidence of this incident can be viewed here. (Yes, it's from Happy Cabbie, who we all know is a complete turd, but that doesn't make his video any less accurate.)

Wildlife Translocation Fiasco with Fiona Edit

The Square-Root of 25 and the "Chief of Ingrown Toenails" Edit

23 minutes in ( video) Neph says that "the square root of 25 is '3278.7698583217'..."

And immediately follows this with "You know I have a college degree from every university in the world, right? I am a genius! I am your overlord. I-I am your overlord. I am your overlord, you know that right? I have dominion over your soul. I have power to destroy you at will, you know that don't you? I am king. I am chief of ingrown toenails. Everyone knows that I am chief of ingrown toenails. I have power over all ingrown toenails. I am - I am the left quadrant manager of ingrown toenails for the upper quadrant of the universe, and your toenails are subject to me you know that right?"

Unfortunately, "This video has been removed by the user. Sorry about that." (If a copy exists somewhere, please add the link here.)

Previous Beliefs Edit

Neph used to be a Geocentrist which he now claims is not true even when there is video evidence of him saying he is a Geocentrist. This demonstrates the hypocrisy and Nephy's love for the 9th commandment. This also shows that Neph is able to pick and chose his beliefs.