Basic Description Edit

Nadia Yvette Chambers is a trans-woman who was once one of the Community's most prolific contributors, and is most remembered for running near constant 8 hour hangouts in 2014 and 2015. Nadia was recognized as a highly intelligent (albeit somewhat monotonous and long-winded) individual, whose main claim to fame was her contributions to the Linux kernel source tree. However, in 2013, she fell on hard times and became semi-homeless for several years, suffering from depression and rock bottom self-esteem. Starting in early 2014, she began hosting live hangouts on her channel... and never stopped for about two years. She would immediately start a new hangout once the 8-hour video limit was reached, would fall asleep (on camera) while her hangouts were still live, and would occasionally use her phone to go into other people's hangouts while hers continued to run. This isn't an exaggeration... until late 2015, the periods of time where a Nadia hangout WASN'T running were few and far between. She would divide her hangouts into series (which sometimes spanned months) that were always given interesting titles, such as "Christians Destroyed Me," "My Transsexualism is a Nuclear Weapon," or "I bring Soviet Sexual Chaos to America."

Nadia's hangouts suffered from poor moderation, and since she always made the join link public, they were a perpetual revolving door of fundamentalist Christians, Presuppers, vitriolic antitheists, conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, social justice warriors, and practically every other internet stereotype you could think of, but were also regularly joined by intelligent and interesting people, including many community regulars. Nadia's hangouts ran the gamut from engaging, intellectual conversations to shouty clusterfuckers to boring snooze-fests. Unfortunately, due to the existence of hangout sniping, a phenomenon like Nadia's hangouts will never again be possible until the exploit is fixed (although that's probably a good thing).

Nadia stopped running hangouts and left G+ completely sometime in early 2016, and is reportedly employed and generally doing much better. Still, her impact on the GDC will not be easily forgotten.

All videos of her old hangouts on her main channel have since been set to unlisted, but a (very) partial playlist of them can be found here.

Legacy Edit

Unsurprisingly, Nadia's hangouts attracted a decent sized group of regular participants. Towards the end of Nadia's period of participation in the community, the channel Debate Colosseum was set up by several regulars in an attempt to give her hangouts a little more structure and moderation. Following Nadia's departure, Tom Rabbittt began running hangouts on his channel with some of the old regulars, and shortly after, the whole crew migrated over to Discord and started several servers to continue the format on that platform. One of these servers was Krillism, which has since grown into a monstrous... thing with hundreds of active users, many of whom have little or no connection to the GDC as it now exists.