Basic Description Edit

A long time member of the Great Debate Community, Maximus (formerly Epicurus the Greek, Rusty Shakleford, and now going under the name of The Catholic Fusionist) is a theist of a more philosophical bent. He has a mix of moderate and conservative views. While he is a theistic-evolutionist, and believes the flood was a local event, he believes most people will be going to hell - although he wishes he was wrong about it - that homosexual sex is a sin, is absurdly pro-life (with the exception of saving the mother's life), is all about small government, pro-gun, pro-death penalty, and wishes to privatize marriage.Yet, despite these conservative views, most moderate theists and atheists hangout with him probably because he's not an ass.

Theology Edit

Max is a former Eastern Orthodox Christian, and currently a Melkite Catholic. He converted mostly because of his engagement with Latin theology. Max has changed his theological approach over the years, so don't be surprised if he keeps adjusting his theology. For one of many examples, at one point, he was a compatibalist, and now a libertarian about free will. His views will probably keep changing, but he is open about why he does so.

Maximus Confesses - Channel where he uploads his more scripted videos

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Max's Blog - Where he posts his written material.

Liturgical Legion - Where Max and his cohorts own Protestants and Defend Catholicism