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Matt Slick is the founder of CARM, which is a website aggregating Matt Slick's subjective opinions masquerading as well researched articles. Matt is a well known narcissistic apologetic personality with lots of experience; he has experience losing debates in lecture halls, he has experience losing debates in churches, and he also has experience losing debates on the internet. To this day there is not a venue known that exists where Matt Slick wouldn't lose a debate.

Though by day he is a professional stupid person running a professionally stupid website, by night he assumes the mantle of subject for the Bible Thumping Wingnut Show on YouTube with his personal ball washer: Andrew Rappaport, where he proudly serves as punching bag for both atheists and theists alike. With highlights such as getting pinned on the Euthyphro dilemma, getting pinned on his abuse of logical concepts, getting pinned on TAG, getting pinned on the impossibility of a young Earth, getting pinned on morality, getting pinned on presup, getting pinned on slavery, getting pinned on (insert anything here), Matt Slick sets the bar very high for theists who really want to make a difference helping the cause of atheism. 

Despite being yet another surface level combatant on the field of play, Matt is not above rage-quitting debates, even hangout debates. He even rage-quit an in-person debate with another theist on account of a question, that being about his very nice but non-believing daughter, who is hell-bound within the bounds of his own theology. This feat is astounding, as the pain from such cognitive dissonance would have most reasonable people either hospitalized or reconsidering their positions, and he more than likely will rage-quit this web page after reading the above paragraph.

Slick has claimed to have Asperger's syndrome (undiagnosed, of course) in an attempt to excuse the fact that he's a socially inept asshole. However, it should be obvious to anyone reading that simply being a socially inept asshole doesn't automatically mean one is autistic, and several community members who actually do have Asperger's, particularly Cliffjumper24, have shut Matt Slick down very quickly when he tried to make this claim.

Matt Slick's TAG argument Edit

Among Matt's most known subjective opinions includes an argument known as "T.A.G." In this Matt argues subjectively for the "transcendental existence for god."  To reference the list of people that have successfully refuted this arguement to his face, click here: Just start at the top and then stop when it hits the list of CCP members. There is no indication this argument has worked on anyone, but the first known public dismantling of this argument came from Russell Glasser and Don Baker on The Atheist Experience. Following, as stated above, anyone who has looked at it, has refuted it (and many, many GDC members have to his face), including being notably undressed several times by Dillahunty and then surgically amputated by Dr. Alex Malpass. Yet, he still looks at TAG as an asset, it is really one of many dead limbs on his dead tree of philosophy. 

Matt Slick has no formal training in philosophy or any of its disciplines, though he refers to himself as an authority.  On more than one occasion he has lied about being one who "has taught logic." Though it is true that he has done his best misleading as many people as he can about logic, you wouldn't end a conversation with Matt thinking he possessed the qualifications to teach much of anything, let alone logic. And you'd be right, because he doesn't.

Persecution Complex Edit

Though Matt is not unique in this aspect, he has been very public when it comes to his religious desire to wihthold equal rights from certain types of people, most notably on the issue of same sex marriage. Instead of appealing to his deity to magically stop people from being gay, he'd rather bully them to stop by claiming he is a victim of the homofascist mafia. It's really only funny if you don't think about all of the actual physical harm done to and rights withheld from the LGBTQ community. Matt's tragedy is Samatha Bee's work of art.

P or Not P - (video: Skylar Fiction)

P Or Not P

P Or Not P

Super Powers Edit

- Constant smugness covered by condescendence.

- Vulnerable to porn-bombing.

- Master obfuscator.

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