Basic Description Edit

Mark Thomas is the community's only known Jehovah's Witness, and has a reputation for being one of the most dogmatic and difficult theists to converse with. Though Mark is capable of being a fairly nice guy at times, trying a have a conversation with him about religion or philosophy (or anything that he perceives as challenging his beliefs) is damn near impossible due to his constant non-sequiturs, irrelevant questions, and random off-topic Bible verse quoting. He is known for ending nearly every one of his comments with the words "smiley face", which can be either amusing or creepy (usually more creepy than amusing) depending on the context. Mark is also Irish, a fact which probably contributes to his legendary stubbornness.

Mark has deleted his G+ profile, but he can frequently be found on the Krillism Discord server having his bottom spanked by the Paltalk Power Rangers.