Basic Biography Edit

MG42pillbox is a loud, obnoxious, and highly persistent creationist troll. When he first appeared on G+ in early 2014, many people suspected he was a Poe (and was pretending to be a delusional YEC for the lulz) due to the inanity of his arguments, and his aggressive, repetitive conversation style. However, following an appearance on Christopher Maute's interview show "Meeting of the Minds", it appeared that he really did believe what he claimed to, although he was significantly playing up certain things just to piss people off. Still, some remained unconvinced that he was for real.

Around 2015, Pillbox adopted flat Earth beliefs, along with his CCP compatriot and fellow creationist idiot Arcane Logos. However, due to the timing of this, and the way he argued for flat Earth, it's suspected by many that both Pillbox and Arcane don't really believe in a flat Earth, but are merely following a trend and using flat Earth to troll people.

He has a tortoise fetish. [Citation needed]



Pillbox Setting up his Arguments