Basic Description Edit

October 28, 1960, The Universe created Landon Curt Noll, and that was the day that science levels went over 9000. Landon's parents noticed his love of numbers while he was quite young, after counting all the Walnuts in Walnut Creek. After his early education, Landon went on to break many records and co-invented a system of naming really really really really big numbers. Landon has 8, yes 8, mathematical world records and he also co-invented the Fowler Noll Vo hash function. Landon also set another record for being kicked out of hospital after being cracked open like a walnut for heart surgery after 3 days.

Super Powers Edit

He can count like a BOSS.

Has super lush chest hair insulation for operating in cold conditions.

Wrestles Polar bears.

Educates the willing.

Can talk to MrIntelligentDesign (Edgar) for hours while keeping his cool.

Landon's Greatest Hits Edit

Link to Landon's achievements can be found here: