Basic Description Edit

King Crocoduck is a fairly successful YouTuber and erudite pontificator that combines his in depth knowledge of science, especially cosmology and physics, with a silky smooth, sultry, almost sexual even, deep resonating baritone voice that gently lulls his viewing audience into actually watching his videos in their entirety.

Debates with Kent Hovind Edit

On Jun 16th, 2017 King Crocoduck debated the infamous and scientifically illiterate Young-Earth Creationist "Dr." Kent Hovind, which was hosted and moderated by the grand and supreme leader of the Great Debate Community: Steve McRae. During the debate, King Crocoduck made one of the most shocking scientific discoveries of all time... that a black hole is not the most dense object in the universe, but in fact the most dense object in the universe was actually none other than "Dr. Kent Hovind" himself. This discovery has had astrophysicists scrambling to try to incorporate the empirical relationship of KH=ID10T into Einstein's field equations, but with only limited success so far. Hopefully, this will force KC to "do another fucking derivation".

Part ll of this debate continued on 6/30/17, again on Steve McRae's YouTube channel. Again, the topic of the debate was the age of the Universe with a focus on physics and cosmology, but Kent did his best to not remember that, changing the topic to evolution, what happened "before" the Big Bang, "where the matter and energy [in the Big Bang] came from", and how E = MC2 is a two-way equation. Overall, this seemed like less of a debate, and more like a teacher keeping a particularly non-compliant student after class and patiently trying to teach him something so that he could pass the class with at least a confident C-.

Confronting Ray Comfort Edit

King Crocoduck successfully thwarted Ray's dasterly plans to infect young impressionable minds just outside of Hollywood High School, Ca. while Ray was passing out his DVD "Evolution vs God". King Crocoduck managed to have many of the copies properly disposed of in various trash receptacles where they could be quarantined and isolated thus preventing them from doing any further harm to the future of our society.

While he did inform the school so that they could properly dispose of Ray's "film", KC did still take his time to debunk it.