Basic Description Edit

Kevin Buchik is a *fairly* long-time participant of the Great Debate (joining hangouts since early 2014 and has been around the YouTube atheist community since mid 2009), who generally prefers to keep a low profile and help out behind the scenes, and only rarely goes into live hangouts. His first hangout was an installment of the New Covenant Group's Cult of Honesty show, and he was a regular attendee of 13Heathens' Insomnia Shuffles during their heyday in 2014–2015.

Kevin is a somewhat competent programmer, and created the Dumbfuck of the Year Scoreboard for Redline's contest in December 2016, as well as the highly popular G Man Soundboard in May 2018. He also investigated and documented the sniping exploit the day it first emerged in 2016 and tried to report it to Google, but as usual Google decided to be a steaming pile of we-don't-give-a-shit and refused to do anything about it.

Kevin is the personal property of Jakki Kite (seriously, they met in a hangout in 2014), who will smack a bitch if anyone says otherwise.

Here's a picture from the day Kevin and Jakki met in person [as if we haven't given you guys enough cute shit to look at]:

20141227 174145