Basic Description Edit

Joe is a troll according to Darwins Deity due to his calm and easy demeanor. He enjoys engaging in philosophical debates and has a few memorable moments with notable CCP members.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Was supposedly in a band and made a song called "Jesus is my Friend" with their video getting over 10 Million views.
  • Joe is "the nicest black belt you'll ever meet" and is guaranteed to destroy your theistic worldview ever so softly.
  • Joe Sonseed's father is rumored to be Physicist Leonard Susskind, or according to Darwins Deity, perhaps Mr. Potato-Head himself.
  • Joe Sonseed is on medication after Darwins Deity diagnosed him as having a "fat trap" and being a general "fuckface".
  • Rumor has it that Joe was the inspiration for Ozzy biting the head off a chicken on stage after Ozzy witnessed Joe biting the head off a baby.
  • Andrew Rappaport (AKA "A-Raps") has written a book. Joe Sonseed has not written a book. Therefore, Joe is dishonest.
    Joe Sonseed lightsaber

    ...i don't even ...what?