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Jeranism is a twat who pretends (or is he?) he's a dumbfuck and claiming the Earth is flat so he can earn money by selling his T shirts.

Flat Earth Edit

Approximately 117% of "Jizz in my pants'" content relates to flattardism.

SpaceX Satellite Deployment Edit

For one of his first challenges, on (1/10/17) Jeranism said that Reds Rhetoric must model a SpaceX satellite deployment as seen in this video in a rocket simulation game called Kerbal Space Program. Then, he and Jeranism will have a live, moderated, and structured debate. After Red did this with help from his friend (butt-buddy slave) halsoy, Jeranism moved the goalposts, adding conditions and saying that Red must show his face and give his real name if they were to proceed (which he later denied saying, not realizing that people have the ability to watch his videos and see his past comments where he said just that, probably because he's a colossal moron who makes Nephilimfree look like the biggest genius since sliced bread).

Red did not comply, so this debate never happened. Hillel Finder also completed the challenge several mouths later, but Jeranism responded only with questions that he never acknowledged has been answered and with the comments: "Sorry you have been lied to by Space X," "Sad what you are doing to the people of the world," and the always classy: "Time u face reality".

The Umbra-Penumbra Conundrum Edit

This idiot doesn't understand how shadows work.

"Explain It to Me" Edit

This idiot doesn't understand gravity, relative motion, inertia, or how to watch response videos.

No Star-Trails on Globe Earth Edit

This idiot doesn't understand that, if you rotate a triangle, it will still be a triangle. Seriously.

DumbFuck of the Year Award Edit


The Face of a Certified Fucktard

This idiot won Reds Rhetoric's coveted "DFotY" award for 2016 with 357 votes because this asshole fucking deserved it for all of the truly stupid shit he said that year like:

"How can SpaceX can stop the moon?"...

"Why do rockets curve when going into space?"...

Skipping through ISS video = extra-dimensional Earth...

"Why don't rockets go into space and then "wait" until the moon catches up with them?"...

Boats going under the horizon = "hurdles behind hurdles."...

The 2nd annual DUMBFUCK of the YEAR Award Ceremony!

The 2nd annual DUMBFUCK of the YEAR Award Ceremony!

...and other equally daft crap.

Super Powers Edit

The creators of this wiki hate page are transgender further pushing the agenda.

Quotes Edit

“I don’t have a model that works." - Jeranism during a debate in which he was supposed to demonstrate that the flat Earth model "best comports with reality". Seriously.