Basic Description Edit

Jakki Kite is the nicest person in the community (and likely the nicest one you'll ever meet), and has the distinction of being likely the only atheist which the Clown Car Posse will not only refrain from personally attacking, but will also defend against personal attacks against her.

Jakki initially discovered the Great Debate Community in August 2014 by seeing G Man in a Drunken Peasants hangout, and upon finding out that he ran hangouts of his own, decided one day to join one for funsies. She had no idea of the size of the community that existed around G Man and watched his hangouts, and was immediately contacted and/or circled by several people in the hangout and invited to participate further. (The fact that females under 30 in the community are about as rare as pink elephants may have contributed to this.) Jakki eventually found her way to an Insomnia Shuffle hangout being run by 13Heathens, where she met Kevin Buchik, and the two began dating a month later, and now live together. Well ain't that special.

Puppies Edit


It should be known to all that Jakki is Kevin Buchik's waifu, and that anyone attempting to fuck with her will quickly find themselves on the business end of some rather unpleasant shenanigans.