Basic Description Edit

JD Kain

JD Kain (which obviously isn't his damn name) is a perpetual drunk who hosts Talking Shit Tuesday. On his excellent show he would award someone the title of the 'Lying Cocksucker of the Week', a ritual that hasn't been realised in a long while, probably because JD is too drunk every show to remember it's supposed to have been a weekly award.

He can be found in his chair appearing in black and white, sipping an alcoholic beverage, usually cheap scotch that he claims is expensive whilst engaging in inane conversation with some YEC or random Internet idiot.

Works for some 3 letter department(s) in the US Government.

Thinks of himself as a Doctor and diagnoses others with Asperger's Syndrome. He's a real piece of work, this Douchebag...

Super Powers Edit

- Can tell others to go fuck themselves

Fun Facts Edit

JD Kain usually has his webcam set for black and white so that no one can tell, especially Floyd FP, that the expensive scotch he claims to be drinking is actually Johnnie Walker Red or Thunderbird.

Only person Jade West has ever totally lost her shit over and screamed at the top of her lungs at to shut up...which he smartly did. (during discussion with Eric Hovind)

JD Kain's biography includes being a "PhD from Harvard", which is total crap but Google + actually does show this in his bio...what a pretentious prick right?