Basic Description Edit

Christian "InventorGorilla" Neil (known as "IG" to his friends) was a moderate Christian and long-time participant of the Great Debate whose involvement in the community predates the launch of both Google+ and Hangouts. IG had a reputation for being a prolific troll who was always quick to make pwnage videos directed at anyone whose ego needed popping, regardless of what side of the proverbial "Debate" they stood on. Some of his favorite targets included Brett Keane, Happy Cabbie, AtheismDefended, and Forbidden Fruit, all of whom he trolled relentlessly during their respective periods of activity. However, his gruff and trollish exterior was very much a character he played on YouTube; during casual conversation IG was one of the most charitable and down-to-earth people in the community.

Sadly, IG died in his sleep of a sudden heart attack on September 12th, 2016, when he had just started to ramp up his involvement in the community following a long hiatus. His loss was a great shock to those who were close to them, and he will be missed by all.

In honor of IG's legacy, a new contest called the Golden Gorilla Award is planned for sometime in 2018; awarded to a moderate Christian who is the most likely to break the stereotype of being a close-minded ideologue.