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HogTieChamp (HTC) is more or less one of the greybeards of the GDC; an old school icon of sorts. His brand of calm interaction with members of the CCP and other assorted morons is almost legendary in that it is nearly impossible to ruffle his feathers, even when facing the most extreme barrage of scientific bullshit possible.

HogtieChamp claims he got his unusual name from something popping up on his Google feed while he was trying to think of a screen name and he just went with it. But, members of the Great Debate Community know that in fact Hogtie got his name from his love of Hogtie Bondage.

Hogtie works in the demilitarized zone between Canada and the United States, where he engages Americans trying to escape to Canada. He also engages strangers on the internet on philosophical and epistemology topics in his calm and reflected demeanor, only to destroy their argumentation with logic, knowledge and respect.

Members of the CCP have been studying Hogtie for many years, trying to discover how he has been able to have such calm and non-condescending conversations with their most vile members without blowing a fuse and going mental at the amount of derp usually present in CCP conversations. As of yet, all of their investigations has yielded inconclusive results. However, we are unsure as to whether this is a testament to Hogtie's ever-perplexing tranquil nature, or if the CCP really is just that bad at their research. The answer is probably a little of both.

Super Powers Edit

- Stays polite and calm in front of massive amounts of derp.

- Writes some of the longest posts known to mankind. Thoughtful and well stated.... but very VERY long. Word has it, when his last child was born, he'd told his wife "I'll just finishing off this post and I'll be right with you honey". By the time he'd finished, his wife had gone through 36 hours of labor, and the child was teething! If he wrote a book, it would make War and Peace look like a pamphlet. This lead the the phrase: TL;DR.

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