Basic Description Edit

No-one exactly knows what a "Hillel" actually is or why he is traveling around the world to try to find one... but the GDC wishes him well in his endeavorer to locate whatever the fuck it is and hope that his quest ends in success.

It is suspected that Hillel isn't real, but whether he is a hyper-intelligent wombat or a figure made out of toothpicks, only time will tell.

Science Strike Force: Movie Night Edit

Since Hillel rarely joins GDC live hangouts and even more rarely uploads videos, he most commonly can be seen visiting GDC live chats or SciStrike's Science Strike Force: Movie Nights in which he says moderately intelligent or funny things until accidentally falling asleep at his keyboard in the middle of the show.

GDC Wiki Edit

While no one technically offered him the job, me (Hillel) is the de-facto primary moderator and administrator for the GDC wiki. In addition to making additions of my own, I check every edit or comment that someone makes on a page to make sure that it's in the proper format and that it doesn't violate any of the GDC Wiki rules or basic grammatical decency.

This is literally my largest contribution to this community. You're welcome. (It's a rough job and a tough job, but no-one has to do it.)