Basic Description Edit

Rumor has it that Heretic woman was most likely the result of a failed genetic experiment that inadvisably attempted to splice Canadian DNA with that of a member from a lower cast of the Selijuk Empire. Rumor also has it that she is currently on the run from Canadian authorities for making a seditious public deceleration that poutine sucks. [Citation Needed]

Faith and Belief Edit

Heretic woman is a "proper" atheist that believes, and asserts that, the universe is devoid of gods, deities, ghosts and Justin Bieber...although the last one she admits she purely takes as a matter of faith or perhaps just wishful thinking.

Favorite group of all time: Nickelback, she can't get enough Nickelback. For her birthday and Christmas she has requested people only gift her Nickeback CD's and T-shirts...again this is all just you may want to get her a real gift for the holidays.

Member of the GDC Network Edit

Heretic Woman has a podcast and YouTube program called:

(Atheists on Air: Beyond the Trailer Park (YouTube: Beyond the Trailer Park)

Skills Edit

If someone does not which to curse for religious, spiritual, cultural or any other reason...Heretic Woman has offered to be their surrogate fucker and say "Fuck" for them. Free of charge.