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Hana Zubby is a Great Debate Community contributor. She is known for befriending the most idiotic members of the CCP in hopes of building bridges. While this feat is equivalent to getting C Brown to say something intelligent, her patience is beyond comparison. This is proven by the fact she can tolerate G Man for an extended period of time, all without finding every puppy in the state of New York for some field goal practice. Hana Zubby is also known for her love of Philosophy. While she may consider herself “rusty” on the topic, she can definitely stand her ground against “experts” like Darwins Deity, who is a shithead.

Origins Edit

Abandoned as a baby, Hana Zubby was raised by a pack of wolves in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As Hana grew, she quickly learned to not tolerate any bullshit. And the wolves taught her well! This is why she can punch really fucking hard. After finding an internet connection, she learned that there were some idiots in America (G Man) that needed her help. Feeling sorry for the idiot, Hana made it her goal to educate them regardless how much of a waste of time it may be. So, her wolf family (who somehow had a debit card) paid for a plane ticket and sent her to America. She currently lives in New York City where she plays video games.

"The Zuu" Edit

Back in early 2017, Hana hosted a weekly YouTube show/hangout called "The Zuu" which aired on Mondays. Topics for discussion included philosophy, theology, GDC-related goings-on, and more, being decided somewhat in advance by the audience or other GDC members.

The Zuu - (YouTube: Hana Zubby)

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Hana Zubby An Earth Wars Story

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