According to the Scientific Consensus Edit

Gravity is the universal force that attracts bodies with mass to each other. It is responsible for moons orbiting planets while they orbit their host stars while they orbit the center of their respective galaxies while that galaxy and presumably many others get pulled towards the Great Attractor.

According to Flat Earthers Edit

Gravity is the magical force that is somehow strong enough to keep millions of metric tons of water to the earths surface all at once and yet is weak enough for birds to fly and for helium balloons to rise. It was completely made up by the same masonic jesuits who brought you Evilution and it's main purpose is to provide a reason for why Australians don't have to nail themselves and their possessions to the floor.

Not only this, but Gravity also has the incredible magical ability of pulling objects towards the center of the ball-earth while simultaneously pushing the moon away.

Other magical abilities:

  • Can make water curve even though water is always FLAT and LEVEL.
  • Can keep airplanes on the earth so they don't have to adjust for the supposed "curve".
  • Can negate the 1,000 Mph spin of the earth and therefore nothing flies off it... because gravity.
  • Can keep the moon in "orbit" around the earth even though the earth should leave it behind as it goes around the sun.
  • Can keep the earth in "orbit" around the sun even though the sun should leave it behind as it goes around the galaxy.
  • Can keep the sun in "orbit" around the galaxy even though the galaxy should leave it behind as it darts through infinite space.
  • Allows the center of the galaxy to hold onto 200 billion stars all at the same time while simultaneously the entirety of the galaxy is flying through space at over 2 million kilometers per hour... somehow.