Basic Description Edit

Living in North Alabama, this guy may be smart but his accent will keep you guessing. Best known for his YouTube channel where he plays pro-theist propaganda with the sole purpose of saying "fuck" and "cock" in the pauses.

This is a Theistic service announcement: This individual is hazardous to your Faith; Approach at risk of being De-Deafied... Bio-G.E. is a theist's worst nightmare, having an Internet channel dedicated to making mincemeat of theists for fun and profit. He is also a Globe-Earther and it is believed he holds this view from childhood when he saw his head in a mirror after a particularly bad haircut.

Known Associates: A Female known only as K.C (At times G.C.) releases her from the alter-dimensional void to act as an accomplice in his atheistical crime sprees. Little is known about her except that she is not a Duck. Information on this Individual should be reported to the GDC authority when relevant. That is all.