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Geo "Alex" Streber is a ruthlessly clever German Masters-level chemistry student whose intellect is rivaled only by his wit and dangerously masochistic tendencies. "Geo" has gained a reputation for himself by inviting flat Earthers, evolution deniers, and other idiots to have clear, sometimes calm, always lengthy, one-on-one conversations with him on his YouTube channel. These chats usually have Geo and his guest speaking cordially about a topic, commonly taking on a form similar to an interview in which Geo will ask his guest a variety of questions in order to better understand their position, while also countering that position and their inevitably flawed understanding with reason and evidence whenever necessary.

These conversations, at worst, devolve into moderate belligerence between host and guest, and at best, incite a face-palming and LOL-ing marathon for all who watch.

Also, he learned forklift driving from this video.

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Too many to be healthy.

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Too many to be healthy.