• One may create their own page and write their own bio, but there are several conditions (as set by Steve McRae and Kevin Buchik):

1) All posts must be reviewed by an admin. Post them to the GDC G+ page when you have made one and someone will review it.

2) They need to be at least somewhat funny, not serious (we don't actually care about your life history).

3) Follow the format (use Member as the type of infobox, and add a photo). If you need help, just ask. Otherwise, leave the page blank and an admin (probably Hillel Finder) will properly format it.

4) TBD

5) No edit wars and no vandalizing content others have written about you. If you have serious concerns about something on your page (other than "I don't like it"), contact an admin.

6) Don't be malicious... this is supposed to be fun. (Some latitude is clearly given to the CCP posts.)

7) No post can be longer than MrIntelligentDesign's or G Man's. :P (Don't reference them. You'll thank us later.)

Minor edits (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc) however, do not require permission or consultation from an admin to correct. Fix away!

  • Pages must be in good nature for the most part, with some exceptions being allowed. (See "assorted morons" list).
  • No doxing. Period. (Already publicly known Information is NOT doxing.)
  • Shit-talking (busting of the balls) must be in good nature, if possible... unless of course it has to do with Brett Keane or some other disgusting pile of human excrement.
  • The GDC's Guests' information should be approved by said guest if possible. (i.e. they should get a copy of the page when it is more complete.)
  • No mass-deleting of any pages or their contents... or deleting of prior information unless inaccurate or inappropriate. (Blanking of pages can happen by accident, it is no big deal and can be fixed... but you MUST contact an admin to promptly restore the page.)
  • Questionable material must be reviewed by Admins/ Sysops or Bureaucrats to determine if material is appropriate.

Dem's da rulez...