This is a Timeline of Events for the Great Debate Community Edit

The timing of all entries should be considered approximate unless specific dates are given.

1997: Edit

  • The Atheist Experience public access show airs its first episode on October 19th.

2002: Edit

  • Kent Hovind is sent to prison for 10 years and 3 years probation after that due to tax evasion.

2005: Edit

  • YouTube is launched on February 14th.

2006: Edit

  • Brett Keane creates his first YouTube channel, which would become one of the most popular atheist channels during the early days of YouTube.
  • Matt Dillahunty becomes host of The Atheist Experience.
  • Google buys YouTube in November for $1.65 billion.
  • The Rational Response Squad is founded.
  • The Amazing Atheist channel is created by TJ Kirk on November 20th. TJ's channel was the first atheist YouTube channel to gain a significant following (and maintain that following into the present).

2007: Edit

  • The beginnings of what would eventually become known as the Great Debate Community emerges from the chaos of online discussions between Young Earth Creationists and skeptics/ science defenders, and many well-known players join YouTube doing this year. The term "GDC" isn't used until some years later, however.
  • Thunderf00t uploads the first installment of his Why Do People Laugh At Creationists? series to YouTube in September, the first episodes of which focus primarily on debunking the creationist arguments of VenomFangX and Kent Hovind.
  • AronRa uploads the first part of his Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism series in November, which dispelled many of the central tenets of the creationism movement and provided a comprehensive overview of the evidence for evolution, rather than focusing on any single person.

2008: Edit

2009: Edit

2010: Edit

2011: Edit

  • Google+ is launched on June 28th, including a feature known as "Hangouts" which allowed for audio/video chat between members of the site.
  • The Fundamentally Flawed podcast is launched by Alex Botten, Jim Gardner, and Dr. Mat Hunt.

2012: Edit

  • The Reason Rally is held on March 24th in Washington DC. Many well known YouTube skeptics attend.
  • The Atheism+ movement is created in August by feminist and skeptic blogger Jen McCreight. A schism in the broader community soon follows.
  • Strife launches The Lying Ghost Show, which runs until late 2013.

2013: Edit

  • BrianJ1962 hosts the first Friday Fail hangout in March, which would become one of the first hangout-based "shows" in the community to be held regularly and streamed onto YouTube.
  • Google Hangouts is officially launched on May 15th (though it existed previously as a feature of Google+), providing a fertile ground for interaction between participants of what would become the Great Debate Community. The dynamic of the community begins to shift significantly from making response videos to streaming hangouts.
  • The Presuppositional Apologetic of Sye Ten Bruggencate takes the community by storm as many people had never heard of it and didn't know how to address it. Many videos and hangouts regarding "presupp" are produced by the more philosophically minded members of the community, and the tactic is considered defeated (and subjected to endless mockery), though it would continue to be a hotly discussed topic for years to come.
  • The New Covenant Group begins hosting weekly "Cult of Honesty" hangouts. Presupp is a frequent topic.
  • Sye Ten Atheist uploads his first video, satirizing Bruggencate-style presuppositionalism.
  • The fifth and final Golden Crocoduck Award is held by Potholer54 (after six years--no award was given in 2011).
  • AgentofDoubt coins the term "Great Debate Community" to describe the rapidly growing community of religious and philosophical discussion on YouTube, G+ and Hangouts (in part because the common descriptor "YouTube Atheist Community" excluded the many theist and other non-atheist participants).

2014: Edit

  • Around late fall, the community surrounding Fundamentally Flawed splits apart amid internal drama and general distrust regarding its multiple private Facebook groups.
  • Jakki and Kevin start dating in October, and meet in person at the end of December.
  • Matt Slick begins appearing on the Bible Thumping Wingnut show.
  • The first annual Dumbfuck of the Year Awards is held by Redline in December.

2015: Edit

  • Deeper Than Dogma airs its first episode in January.
  • For reasons that are still not entirely clear, interest and belief in a Flat Earth spikes around this time. It quickly becomes a common topic of discussion within the GDC, with several fundies adopting flat Earth beliefs, and several skeptics (notably Redline) shifting the focus of their videos and hangouts to debunking flat Earth arguments.
  • Kent Hovind is released from prison (and all felt a great disturbance in the force). He immediately resumes making videos attacking science and promoting conspiracy theories.

2016: Edit

  • The infamous Hangout Sniping exploit is made possible by an update to Hangouts on July 14th.
  • The GDC Google+ community page is created by Steve McRae around September 3rd, 2016.
  • Kevin Buchik creates the Dumbfuck of the Year scoreboard for use in the December contest.

2017: Edit

  • The GDC Discord server is created on December 1st.
  • Significant drama erupts around Christmas when Steve McRae ejects MP from the GDC G+ group for reasons that were widely agreed to be total bullshit. Attempts by many of the community's "old guard" to address these and related issues end up being futile, and the ensuing drama (dubbed "The Steve Wars" or "Brass Tacks Gate") spills over into the following year.

2018: Edit

  • Insomnia Shuffles return around mid February.
  • The Great Debate Civil War erupts, and many long-time-members of the GDC GROUP leave or are ejected from the Community G+ group run by Steve McRae. The rest of the community continued along merrily as if barely anything had happened.
  • The Awesome Crew Show returns in April.
  • Around early April, triggered by several unprovoked attacks by G Man against Jade West regarding her sexuality and Catholic faith, a mini-war is declared against G Man by a number of people in the community, and many posts, hangouts, and videos are made attacking G Man and his behavior. Two things in particular to come out of these are the G Man Soundboard created by Kevin Buchik, and Dragnauct Sylvas' extensive series of live streams responding to almost every video G Man put out.
  • The Great Debate Gaming group (along with the Discord, and YouTube channel) is created by Tyler Durden and begins regularly streaming games (particularly PUBG and Terraria) in May.
  • Jade West dies in her home in early June and a Google+ group is created to curate memories and videos that she was in, which can be found here.